Class Type: Physical activities

Our Kindergarten offers classes in the basics of horse riding and regular horse riding classes to all the willing children. We have two ponies living in the preschool grounds: Foxy and Roxy. The kindergarten children learn how to take care of them.


Type of class: educational activities

The Green Kindergarten is a bilingual facility. This means that English is spoken as the second language of communication during daily activities. Each group has teachers that speak Polish and English, and one teacher speaking English only (8 hours a day, Monday to Friday). Thanks to this solution, the children are in an environment that stimulates them to using two languages every day.


Class Type: Physical activities

These classes are extremely valuable for all preschoolers. Music supports both physical and mental development. Classes include a selection of specially selected exercises and hearing-motion and auditory/voice-hearing games. It’s a time for active music listening and song-signing, a time when they create their own interpretations and play on percussion instruments. This activity is a great way to carry out the educational goals of the Polish kindergarten curriculum.

The music activities are carried by the Muzaki company.


Class Type: Physical activities

We also organize the following activities for the children:

Mathematical-Logic classes, language courses, creative classes, gymnastics, relaxation activities, scientific workshops outside and in the kindergarten building, meetings with art: Puppet theater, concerts, museums, meetings with artists, etc.

The duration of these activities is adapted to the needs and opportunities of children. These activities are a great way to carry out the educational goals of the Polish kindergarten curriculum.


Type of class: Educational Activities

We know how important it is for the process of education to be as individualized as possible. That is why we have an ongoing cooperation with specialists: Child psychologist and speech therapist. They organize activities for children and workshops for the parents that wish to participate. These activities are designed to help not only children, but teachers and parents alike.

Each child at our kindergarten receives a diagnosis, which is what the activities for that child are based on.


Class Type: Physical activities

Children participate in English-language gymnastics twice in a week. It’s a great way to support the development of mobility, improve the language skills. Gymnastic lessons sometimes take place in the gymnastic hall and sometimes outside.